Clash Of Champions

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About The Challenge

The best indoor tunnel flyers take part in the planet’s richest indoor tunnel flying event, with global teams battling for a share of $200,000. The festival sees competitors fight it out across disciplines and categories, from four- and eight-way Formation Skydiving to Dynamic Skydiving (two- and four-way) and Best Trick. The contest also welcomes younger (under-18) flyers.


  • All participants accept these rules as binding by registering for Inflight Dubai Clash of Champions 2015. No departure from these rules is permitted. For anything not specified in these rules, competitors should refer to FAI/IPC FS rules, Chief Judge or the meet director.

  • Where an unforeseen change is felt necessary to ensure the smooth running of the competition, a meeting will be held between Chief Judge (Pete Allum), Meet Director and competitors.

  • The objective is to have all teams complete all 10 rounds in each discipline. However, in the case of limited time, all categories will consist of 8 rounds with the top scoring teams going into rounds 9 and 10. The number of teams going into Round 9 and 10 will be determined by the selection process outlined in Section 24.

  • The team shall consist of 4 or 8 competitors including the team captain. One alternate may be nominated.

  • Competitors may only be members of one team per FS 4 way discipline including alternates (i.e. a team or individual can enter a single 4 way FS category, 8 way and Dynamic but not AAA and AA or AA and A or AAA and A).

  • Each 4-way team shall be allocated 35 seconds of working time per round, starting at entry through the doorway.

  • Each 8-way team shall start by building a standard ‘exit formation’ (as defined in Section 21)and the 50-second clock will start on the break of the first grip.

  • There will be the following changes to the 8-way dive pool:
    There will be no block 14 or 20.
    Block 13, the two inside solos are not required to turn.
    Block 17, the outside solos are not required to turn.
    Block 21, the cat piece is not required to turn.
    Random K, the outside two flyers are only required to take a single grip.

  • Inflight Dubai reserves the right to amend or cancel the competition, rules and/or the prizes at their discretion. In the event of the competition being canceled Inflight Dubai will not be liable for competitors’ travel costs.

  • This information was correct at the time of going to print but may be subject to change.

  • The competition divepool can be viewed at: FS Divepool courtesy of Mikie Davey.

  • The dive pool shown is only a representation. The FAI dive pool will be used for judging purposes apart from the 8-way blocks that have been modified to fit within the tunnel. For any questions please contact Pete